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Welcome to Greenmark Expense Reduction Solutions, LLC


Douglas Strabel founded Greenmark ERS in 2010. He has established a network of resources to support the Greenmark ERS business model. Prior  to that he has years of experience in reducing expenses for companies  in the Manufacturing, Electronics, Consumer Products, Service and  Fulfillment sectors. 

Doug’s business background is in Operations, Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. He has provided management consultancy for startups, small private companies and Fortune 500s (including Netflix, HP, Seagate Technology, Toshiba , Master Card and Visa) providing project management, reducing expenses and accomplishing significant savings. 

  • Doug has personally negotiated and purchased high dollar commodities
  • He knows how to leverage the advantages of a worldwide supplier base for maximum purchasing power.
  • Doug has advised start-up companies on tactical purchasing.
  • He has provided domain expertise to eCommerce B2B software providers.
  • He has fine-tuned his project management skills with organizations of all sizes and complexities.
  • Doug  understands the payment process and the use of  state of the art  payment solutions by interfacing with all levels of  finance  departments.
  • He   has built a baseline from which to apply spend management solutions to   fit any need by working with all of the functional departments within  the  small, medium and large companies he has assisted.

Between 2000 and 2006 Doug played a major role at  Netflix / DVD.com as the Director of Materials.  His behind-the-scenes work supported the start-up growth of the company  to where it was handling over one million DVD shipments a day. He  accomplished significant savings through his ability to apply supply  chain management principles to the Planning, Scheduling, Inventory  Management and Purchasing of all Capital, Direct Material and Indirect  supplies. 40+ distribution centers were under his control.

He was a co-founder of 3Delta Systems (3DSI), an internet-based fintech firm that provides B2B / B2G credit card authorization and Level-3 line item detail payment systems. Today 3DSI offers merchants a variety of fully hosted Internet-based payment solutions. 3DSI was acquired in October 2017 by Wright Express Corp. (WEX Inc. NYSE:WEX), a leading provider of corporate payment solutions.

His experience began in the semi-conductor industry in California. He went on to work with multiple semi-conductor start-ups including VLSI Technology and Synertek.

Later as a Director of Procurement for Seagate Technology he expanded his experience in the computer peripheral and consumer products industries.

Doug is a  member of the Oregon  Entrepreneur Network (OEN), the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), National Association of Purchasing Card  Professionals (NAPCP) and CAPS Research.