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Welcome to Greenmark Expense Reduction Solutions, LLC


Project Management

Let  us help your organization with the planning and execution of your  projects. Project management includes a number of elements: four to five  process groups, and a control system. We have found that the following  basic project management processes are adaptable to every business we  have worked with.

• Initiate

• Plan or develop

• Produce or execute

• Monitor and control

• Close

Increase the Profit Margin

We can Increase the Profit Margin of your Business by utilizing our processes to reduce the expense side of your G/L by:


•  Analyzing your expenses

•  Reducing your overhead costs 

•  Reducing your cost to purchase goods and      services  


This can result in decreasing your COGS and increasing your Gross Profit

Supply Chain Management

We can Increase the Profit Margin of your Business by utilizing as many of the 8 components and processes of SCM as possible. 

Components of SCM:

  1.  Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Management
  4. Procurement
  5. Logistics
  6.  Product 
  7.  Distribution
  8.  Profit 

Contract Negotiation

Let us review your existing contracts and show you how to utilize different strategies to increase the profit margin of your business.


  • Help you rank your priorities along with the alternatives available to you
  • Show you the difference between what you need versus what you want 
  • Help you draw an accurate bottom line, so you know when to walk away 
  • Identify any time constraints and benchmarks and give them clear definitions
  • Assess your potential liabilities and risks
  • Deal with confidentiality, non-compete, dispute resolution, changes in requirements

New Business Start-up and Operational Assessment

  • Identify what is needed
  • Design the necessary processes to match what you need
  • Review and gain agreement on any proposed systems, processes or procedures
  • Work with the implementation of the new systems, processes or procedures
  • Monitor and report on the success of these systems